Lead Free Brass Needle Valves

Anderson Metals manufactures lead free brass needle valves designed to fit the needle exactly, giving you a seal that operate at a high pressure rating. With an emphasis on low flow rate, our needle valves allow the operator to change the flow rate through the use of the threaded rotating stem synonymous with needle valves. 

Needle Valve Applications:

  •  – Engines with carburetors
  •  – Utility equipment: measuring water or natural gas consumption
  •  – Distribution points to regulate flow delivered within a system
  •  – Residential water heater systems


Meets the following Legislation for Potable Water Applications:

  • Federal Government S.3874
  • Federal Public Law 111-380
  • California AB 1953
  • Maryland HB-372
  • Louisiana Act No. 362
  • Vermont Statute, Title 9, Chapter 63: 247h
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