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Brass Fittings

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Brass Fittings
Automotive Fittings: Air Brake for Copper and Nylon Tubing, Air Brake for Hose Ends, Drain Cocks, Fuel Line Valves, Grease Fittings, Inverted Flare, Truck Valves, Miscellaneous.

Compression Fittings: Chrome Plated, Evaporative Cooler, Long Nut, Plastic Tube, Self Aligning, Standard Compression, Threaded Sleeve, Transition Fittings.

Flare Fittings: Inverted Flare, Range Connector, Space Heater, Standard Flare.

Flareless Tube Fittings: Poly-Connect™

Hose Fittings: Automotive Hose Barbs, Garden Hose, Push On Hose Barbs, Reusable Hose Fittings, Standard Hose Barbs, Welding Hose Fittings.

Pipe Fittings: Barstock and Forged.

Push to Connect: Quik-Push™, Quik-DOT™, and Quik-Disconnect™

Valves: Drain Cocks, Four Way, Fuel Line (Solid Bottom), Needle Valves, Oil Drum & Tank, Polished Air Cocks, Saddle Valves, Shut Off Cocks, Tank Valves, Three Way, Truck.

Miscellaneous: Ballcock Adapters, CPVC Transition Fittings, Evaporative Cooler Fittings, Fusible Plugs, L.P.G. (P.O.L.), Hose Clamps, Hose Ferrules, Plastic Tube Cutters, Refrigeration Fittings, Supply Fittings.